Uhligtec,   has been involved with environmental conservation issues.  

Part of his time was devoted to research on  biofuels and in particular on new technologies for the regeneration of waste vegetable oils and their use as an alternative source of energy. It has participated in many national and international meetings on  bio-fuels.


A pioneer of electric mobility already in 1975-76, he is one of the first to put the electric car on the Swiss market, especially in Zermatt, yet at a time still not ready to receive this revolutionary aspect of mobility.


Now, the time to pass onto innovative sustainable mobility solutions has arrived.

W. Uhlig returns with  individual local mobility placing on the market the MONARCH series - the best electric  Scooter 3 and 4 wheel available today - combining comfort and elegance with the latest technology.


Now, another area of renewable energies  became his center of interest. He has introduced a small wind turbine on a trailer, an innovative Swiss technology, which is the latest results of his research and his work. It can produce direct current or power to be stored in batteries, can be easily placed wherever there is wind and is used for the production of green electricity to cover multiple electricity needs.


He is active  in Switzerland, in the EU countries, as well as in other countries, in particular in Latin America.  He works in close cooperation with various European Universities and ONG, as well as with the Fundacion Biodiversidad in Argentina.  





Active Member of the Bundesverband Pflanzenöle e.V., Germany, and of the PPO European Association 


Member of  the GWWK - Genossenschaft WasserWirbelKraftwerke - Switzerland



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