The Efficient Clean Ride

Safer for the enviroment, energy

efficient, silent & easy to recharge.

-5 hours to fully recharge

-Up to 50 km per charge

-Charge at Regular power outlets

-Remouvable Battery

Efficient driving 

100% Clean

Colors Available:    




  • Range: at least 50 km with one recharged battery

  • Speed: maximum speed of 25 km per hour

  • Extremely quiet

  • Rechargeable battery

  • The portable rechargeable battery weighs 8 kg and comes in a carrying case.

  •  Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with

  • Charging: from any ordinary electrical outlet

    (230 volts)

  • Charging time: six to eight hours

  • LED display of charge status

  • Rechargeable battery’s longevity: retains at

    least 80% of its original capacity after 45,000 km or more




- Pizza delivery box

Accessories and spare parts - on request

Technical Specifications:


Model                                ELECTRIC E-MOFA


Length:                              1770mm

Width:                                680mm

Height:                               1050mm

Wheel base:                      1200mm

Brake System:                   Front Drum or Disc Brake,        

                                           Rear Drum Brake

Running Distance:              30km

Maximum Loading:             ≥120kg

Vehicle Weight:                  59kgs

Wheel:                                18"

Tire size:                             18''x2.5

Climbing ability:                  15 degree

PAS:                                    Available

Charging Time:                    6-8h

Battery:                                48V12AH Lead acid or 48V17AH Lithium battery

Motor Power:                       350W 

Max Speed:                         25km/h

Low Voltage Value:             41.5±0.5v for lead acid battery;40v for lithium battery


Electric E-MOFA