wind energy

You have enough wind resource in your area then the environment is favorable to the small wind home-based turbine EOL-05, the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy system.

Uhligtec Wind Turbine EOL-05

Renewable Energy

electric vehicles


Royale PF7S

a Powerfull Mobility

The best electric Mobility Scooter available today, combining comfort and top notch design with the latest technology and hard top to protect you from the weather.

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Royale Series

a Powerfull Mobility


Electric Scooter

The Efficient Clean Ride

Unique in size and strength, the electric Monarch Royale scooter pushes through anywhere at anytime.  The perfect scooter for both young and old.



Maintenance-free, safer for the enviroment, energy efficient, silent & easy to recharge.

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