Why Green 

Safer for the Environment & Energy Efficient  
Electric Car Battery Charging

Renewable energies are now part of our lives and and are becoming increasingly accessible and user-friendly.


Energy production has multiple impacts, which socrety must master so as to ensure environmentally – friendly and sustainable progress.


More than ever, it is important to invest in new energy strategies based on economy, effoiciency, and the promotion of non-polluting production an use.


Wind energy holds the promise of environmentrally-friendly energy for the future. Its value has been recognised internationally, based on concrete experience with wind turbines, large and small, which have demonstrated their performance and multiple uses. Wind power is a source of renewable electricity for every country. The range of small wind turbines, practical as well as efficient, offers a wide variety of applications in everyday life and can satisfy needs in small and medium localities.


In particular, electric vehicles can now benefit from this cheapest form of energy, taken directly from the wind, so as to meet tommorrow's demand for sustainable mobility.


Several manufacturers are launching a complete range of electric vehicles including scooters, two, three and four-wheel, intended for persons of all ages – for 16 to 90 – and particularly valuabled for all those who seek mobility at low speed or wish to move in pedestrian areas or in closed areas.  Moreover, city traffic can only benefit from this environmentally – friendly mobility, which is safe and accessible to both young and old, easily refueled by 100% green electricity.