The range of small wind turbines, practical as well as efficient, offers a wide variety of applications in everyday life and can satisfy needs in small and medium localities.


The wind-turbine on trailer, UHLIGTEC EOL-05 can be installed with or without the trailer and in series for greater efficiency.

Wind Power - The source of renewable electricity for every country.

before deployment

after deployment

Advantages of the UHLIGTEC  EOL-05

●  Operational regardless of the wind direction.

●  Moving facility through the trailer.

●  The performance of the smallest wind turbine is 1kW / h for a wind speed of 25 km / h and is      

     increasing as the wind speed increases

●  The wind turbine on a trailer can reach a performance up to 5 kW / h for a wind speed of 25 km /h.

     This performance with a constant wind provides 120 kW / day, enough electricity to heat a large

     school hall of about 100 m2.

●  The wind turbine can be used fixed as well (without trailer). Fixed installations can be made after    

    study of local parameters and permit to attend higher performances.

●  The construction of the wind turbine does not require a large number of parts.

●  The wind turbine is custom made to better meet the weather conditions and the wind strength of each      region, as well as the need in electricity of the local polulations.

●  To get a higher efficiency the wind turbines can be installed in series. 


Wind Turbine EOL-05 




Type:             Darrieus with startup items Savonius


Dimensions:    Height max. 3m, Width 1.41m,  Length 2.20m 

(with trailer)


Total weight:    approx  110 kg  


Materials:        Steel and aluminium


Capacity :        depending on the electricity need and

                        the wind speed


Batteries:         Any type of battery, 12W, 24W, 48W


Description:     Small wind turbine on a trailer producing direct electrical current

or current to be stored in batteries. This is an innovative Swiss technology, simple, efficient, silent and 100% environmentally friendly.


It can be placed at the side of the road, in a garden, downtown, o the countryside, on a farm or by the sea, on a terrace, on a roof or on a boat.  It produces a purely green            electricity for small houses, agricultural facilities of any kind, installations for recharging bikes, scooters and electric cars, street and sidewalks cleaning machines, etc. It can cover part of the electricity needs of a public building, a hospital, a school or a hotel and also can serve as a backup in case of power failure.


It is conceived on a trailer for moving facility and for following easily the direction of the wind.

To stabilize the trailer and create a maximum resistance in case of strong wind, a special steel arm was installed so that it forms a triangle with the feet and the top axis.


It is made on measure  to better meet the weather conditions and the wind strength of each region, as well as to suit the local needs in electricity.


The wind turbine can be installed with or without the trailer and in series for greater efficiency. It is a good complement to photovoltaic cells.

The VIDEO introduces the basic model of UHLIGTEC EOL 05 and explains the operation of the wind turbine, as well as the direct transmission of the electricity produced by the turbine to recharge the batteries of the e-scooter or any other electrical equipment.

Uhligtec Wind Turbine EOL-05 ®